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2021 SUPER MEN for Orlando Family Magazine

2021 SUPER MEN for Orlando Family Magazine

It takes a special kind of person to not only recognize a need in the community but to take action and do something to help, whether it’s working to end racism, assisting the homeless, bringing awareness to mental health issues or spreading a love for reading. It just comes naturally to these nine local individuals, who continue to go above and beyond on a daily basis to make a difference in the lives of others. Orlando Family Magazine is proud to present our 2021 Super Men.

Rafael Lopez

Nobody understands the curveballs that life can throw and the ups and downs that one must endure better than Lopez. A retired doctor from Puerto Rico, he transitioned into a successful businessman and moved to Kissimmee, where he made millions as a high-level executive. But a personal tragedy and bitter divorce cost him his fortune and left him homeless for five years while dealing with addiction issues. He found the courage to get clean and picked up the pieces of his life, and in 2016 he dedicated himself to helping the kind of people he encountered during his years of struggle. Lopez founded the nonprofit Access Community Awareness Center, which works in conjunction with partner organizations to provide access to food, housing, substance-abuse rehabilitation, medical treatment and much more. At 75 years old, Lopez shows no signs of slowing down. “As long as the Lord keeps me strong and gives me good health, he put it in my heart to be able to assist those in need,” he says.

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